Starbound pet slots

starbound pet slots

I would like a pet but not sure how to unlock that slot. sry if its a repost. I searched the starbound forum but theres alot to read through ha. Jul 27, @ am. Originally posted by Lord Warmaster: It is filled when you have a pet out. Pets in capture pods are thrown like pokeballs. Today I check out the mods PUNCH, Slot Machine and NPC Pets. Links to all the mods in this video are.


Starbound Mods - PUNCH, Slot Machine & NPC Pets

Starbound pet slots - gute Ruf

Comment Spoilers If you wish to make text into a spoiler , you may do that like so: Materials will automatically be sorted into this bag. Colyeses , Feb 23, Pets in capture pods are thrown like pokeballs. The armor slots outlined in light grey are the actual armor slots, while the eye icon denotes cosmetic slots.

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